Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $82.20

I knew I'd done more shopping last week!  After last week's grocery post I thought back over my week and realized I'd had TWO more shopping trips.  One was Fred Meyer on Tuesday afternoon and one was Costco on Wednesday afternoon.  This Fred Meyer photo was saved in the wrong place and I didn't even take a Costco picture.

Last week's Fred Meyer cost was $26.24.  There were lots of clearance deals and I found out that meat is marked down on Tuesday afternoons.  I also spent $23.66 at Costco on cheese, chips, 3# saussage, & tortillas.

This week I really did only make ONE shopping trip.  I ended up with the flu in the first part of the week and I worked at the church kitchen the last couple days of the week and was given leftovers to carry us through.  I finally went to TOP foods Sunday night in Woodinville for their 80th Anniversary Sale.  I laid all the groceries out on the table, watched a TV show with DH, and put all the groceries away.  Then I realized I forgot to take a picture.  Gah!  Anyway, I spent $21.14.

10# Potatoes - $1.80
2# Carrots - $0.80
Chicken Nuggets - $6.99 (Special Request for DD#1 birthday lunch)
Chicken Teriyaki - $5.99 (Special request for DD#1 birthday dinner)
Bananas - $0.69/lb
Apples - $0.80/lb

I have to admit it felt pretty strange buying a "just heat up" plastic bag with chicken teriyaki.  I decided to buy it because it was easy and I am out of chicken at home.  I am picking up 40# of chicken next week and couldn't see buying a 4 pound package today. 

Our milk delivery was $11.16

Groceries this week (and last week's missed trips) = $82.20
Year to Date - $4,150.67
Weekly Average in 2013 = $103.77

I really want to see that weekly average go down, but even a comparatively low week doesn't make much impact with 40 weeks under our belt.  I don't want to jinx next week so I'm not making a prediction.  ;^) 


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