Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Plan & Goals

Monday - French Toast
Tuesday - Nuggets
Wednesday - Pizza
Thursday - PBJ
Friday - Mac'n'Cheese Pie (make an extra for when I'm gone)
Saturday -Mom Gone - Nachos
Sunday - Mom Gone - PBJ

Monday - Egg Casserole (eggs, potatoes, bacon, bell peppers, onion, cheese)
Tuesday - Loaded Baked Potatoes
Wednesday - Pizza (make an extra for when I'm gone)
Thursday - Chicken Curry with rice
Friday - Mom Gone - Sausage Vegetable Soup (made ahead)
Saturday - Mom Gone - Pot roast (Mom started Friday)
Sunday - Mom Gone -

Also: bake Zucchini bread , boil & peel a dozen hard-boiled eggs for snacks.

Goals: I didn't make the plum jam so I just put the plum goo into the freezer.  I'll see about making plum jam or plum butter after I get back from a week out of town.  I also didn't move the gardening stuff.  What is my deal?

Goals this week:
1. Move gardening stuff out of office
2. Make Applesauce
3. Leave a great menu plan for DH and the girls
4. Get girls' fall/winter clothes out and pack up the shorts & sundresses


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