Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gift Card Deal at Safeway

Safeway is running a good deal on Gift cards this week and next.  It runs through December 3, 2013. 

The deal is if you buy $150 in select gift cards you receive a voucher for $25 off your next $50 grocery purchase. 

The drawbacks:
  • This deal is only for select gift cards.  Not all gift cards.  I was pleased to see about 70% of the gift card options were included instead of the normal 6-10 choices.
  • It might be hard to land on $150 exactly if you don't buy in $25 multiples, the deal still works if you spend more than $150.
  • You have to find $50 of groceries to use your $25 voucher
  • Your voucher is only good for 7 days.
The good stuff:
  • Free $25!
  • A wide selection of gift cards relative to usual gift card deals.
I would caution you not to by stuff you wouldn't normally use, otherwise you aren't actually getting a good deal. 

I will absolutely use all of the gift cards I purchased above.  The Starbucks and iTunes are gifts for this Christmas, we have taken our kids to JC Penney for portraits for 8 years and I don't see us changing that anytime soon, DH loves movies and we have an AMC up the road with great deals on shows that start before noon so we like to go there, and finally Amazon will definitely get used.  Too bad I didn't buy this gift card before I spent $60 on filters for the furnace and humidifier last week!


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