Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small Savings Goals - Week 42

A few weeks back I snapped this photo with the intention of posting in the following couple of days.  But then I was off on vacation, my laptop was broken, and I was getting back into the swing of life.  I'm finally ready to post and update about our short-term savings goals.  My last update was at 31 weeks.

DD#1 and I have been working toward saving for our Disneyland Trip in 2015.  We have been saving an amount from $1 to $52 each week.  We are planning to buy annual passes for all 6 of us and would love to allow room in the budget for several weekend daddy-daughter dates over the course of the year.  This is a photo of our little savings chart that we have been diligently filling out all year.  You can see we were up to $1,030 back at week 42.  DD#1 was very excited to add into the thousand column.  I was kind of freaked out there was that much cash just sitting on the kitchen table. 
The remaining weeks include $13, $16, $17, $36, $37, $42, $44, $45, $48, & $50.  I'm working hard to save the larger amounts now so that in December, when there are so many costs that come up, I have those smaller 'teen' amounts remaining.

December and unexpected costs were the focus of our second goal this year.  We have been saving all year to prepare for Christmas expenditures.  We have managed to save $100 ten of the eleven months so far in 2013.  I have also been using those funds to buy Christmas gifts and there is currently $300 still saved and only a nephew and one under-the-tree gift left to buy for one of our daughters.  We'll be headed into December in good shape for me to stock up on holiday baking sales, have cash set aside for road trip gas, and even enough to take the older 2 girls to a local Nutcracker performance.  It feels pretty good knowing I won't be scrambling to cover those costs in January. 

Finally, we had a goal of saving $10 per week for bulk buying purchases of food.  This mostly happens from April to October and while I saved a bit in the early months of the year I haven't saved since.  I'd like to start setting aside funds for next year, but I don't think it's particularly realistic with the large amounts I am trying to save for the Disneyland savings project.  We'll see!


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