Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Plan & Goals

My house is in pretty reasonable shape after all the partying over the weekend.  Dishes are caught up & living space is picked up.  I think it's time to get caught up on laundry, but otherwise I feel pretty  on top of my responsibilities going into the new week.

Goals for this week are:
1) work on lipstick stain on bedspread
2) make applesauce
3) make doctor appointment for DD#1 and eye appointment for myself
4) finally switch out kids' summer & winter clothes

My mom visited about a week ago and we made some big progress in sorting and organizing the various little piles of clutter that collect all over.  It really felt good to see everything so tidy and know that there weren't bits and pieces of games or puzzles in the bottom of the puppet box.  We patched up books, found long missing parts of toys, and she caught up all my laundry.  Hurrah!  We also attempted to organize the office but couldn't quite finish.  At least all the gardening gear is back out in the garage and there is more work space now.

I mentioned in my grocery post yesterday that cash is tight.  We need to buy a commuter vehicle, my laptop had to be replaced, we need to buy airline tickets for our 10th anniversary trip and to visit DH's dad who we just found out has terminal cancer.  I just don't have a lot of wiggle room or time to even grocery shop right now so we're eating what's on hand.

Monday - Chicken curry leftovers
Tuesday - Southwest Chili Casserole - freezer meal
Wednesday - pizza
Thursday - French Toast & Bacon (DH teaching)
Friday - Honey maple chicken - freezer meal
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Smoothies & Popcorn

Monday - Waffles
Tuesday - PBJ
Wednesday - Nachos
Thursday - Quesadilla
Friday - Finger Food Lunch
Saturday - Soup & Sandwiches
Sunday - PBJ


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