Sunday, November 24, 2013

Huge Grocery Shopping Week - $151.40

So this week was full of stock-up shopping.  I am so thankful I had some cash set aside just for these kinds of stock up sales!

The little ladies and I took a walk to the library on Monday afternoon, but it was dark when we exited at 5:30.  I called DH and he said he'd come pick us up in an hour at a nearby grocery store.  We walked over and poked around.  I was couponless, but we still found some awesome deals in the clearance section.  I spent $29.65 at QFC.

15 oz dried cranberries - $1.00 each on clearance (I bought all they had)
14 oz cashews - $1.00 on clearance (only saw one, but would have bought more)
14 oz mixed nuts - $1.00 on clearance
14 oz peanuts - $1.00 on clearance
10 oz almonds - $2.99 on clearance
7 oz pecans - $3.49 on clearance
Campbells 'cream of' soups - $0.69 each
Pizza - $2.99
Raisin Bran - $1.29
18 oz Pork Tenderloin - $3.99

The next night, Tuesday, was the last day of the great sale at QFC so I went after I served a dinner at church.  It was 11PM and I was exhausted, but I'm so glad I went!  I also stopped at Albertsons and Safeway for a couple things.  This photo includes all of those trips for $47.27.
 Chex - $1.88 ($1.00/3 MC) = $1.50 each
2# Carrots - $1.00
Lunchmeat - $1.99 on clearance
Post Cereal - $1.99 ($2.50/2 with coffee purchase MC x2) = $0.75 each
Yuban coffee - $2.99 each
vegetable oil - $2.99
4 pack greek yogurt - $1.99 on clearance
Triscuits - $1.79 each ($1.00/2MC x2) = $1.29 each
Cottage Cheese - $1.25 each
Stovetop - $0.99 each (B4G1 MC) = $0.80 each
Chicken Broth - $0.49 each ($0.40/5 MC) = $0.42 each
Evaporated Milk - $0.89 each ($0.55/2 MC x2) = $0.63 each
Doritos - $1.99
Dannon 4pack - $1.29 on clearance
Campbells 'cream of soups - $0.69 each ($0.40/4 MC x2) = 8 for $0.59 each and 2 at $.069 each

I went back to Safeway for the giftcard deal they are running and used another of the Post coupons I had.  This was $6.47.
The Post cereal had gone up in price to $2.49, but with the coffee on clearance for only $3.50 it was still an excellent deal with the $2.50 off MC.  The tomato sauce was $0.50.

I swung into Grocery Outlet with all the kids in tow so I could use my coupon for free eggs.  It was literally a 5 minute stop.  I spent $19.54.
Creamer - $1.99
Bananas - $1.99
2# Cheese - $4.89 each
Summer Sausage - $3.99
Martinelli's - $1.79
Eggs - FREE with coupon

I told a friend I'd bring a birthday cake for her to kiddo to our Friday night potluck so I went to Safeway Friday morning to buy it.  I decided to use my $25/$50 coupon from the giftcard purchase.  When I went through the checkout my total was $50.74 but it wouldn't take off the $25!  I guess the $50 couldn't include coffee creamer.  There was only the one checkstand open and a line behind me, but there's no way I would have spent $50 again this week!  The checker was really annoyed, but  I quickly ran to the pop aisle and picked up the cube of Mountain Dew because there were no other pop choices.  I think my brother likes it, but I didn't really want to buy it.  After the pop and sales tax my total was $56.31 and the $25 off worked.  Total was $31.31.
Capri sun - $1.00  on clearance
Coffeemate - $5.00
Mt Dew - $5.00
Apples - $0.99/lb "Envy" variety.  I've never tried them.
Pork Roast - $17.47 ($1.99/lb)
Tortillas - $1.59 each
Greek yogurt 4 pack - $1.99 on clearance
Birthday cake - $18.99 (not pictured)

All of these are a little less than 50% off because I used the $25/$50 coupon.

Our milk delivery was $11.16 and I bought eggs from my friend for $6.00.

Total for Week 47: $151.40
Total Year to Date: $4,854.87
Weekly Average: $103.30


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