Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Shopping - $37.79

Here are photos of this week's shopping: I went back to Fred Meyer for the $1 Tillamook cheese and ended up getting strawberries and eggs, too. I found a bag of spinach for $.75 that day to make a spinach/strawberry salad. I went to Fred Meyer and QFC today. Fred Meyer has 2# bricks of cheddar for $3.50 and I needed sugar and figured Fred Meyer would have the lowest 'regular' price. It was $2.99 for a 5# bag - I really can't stand paying regular prices. I found some great deals at QFC in their clearance bin. A small can of formula was marked down to $6.50 and I had a $5.00 off coupon. I also bought those 3 boxes of Pop-Tarts for $.64 each. I would have gotten them for even less with my $1/3 MC, but the checker wouldn't take it and I didn't want to argue with him. He's the same checker who didn't give me my $11 change last weekend, but then called to tell me that his till was off $11 and I could come down for the cash. Whoo! The 6 packs of Pop-Secret were marked down to $.99 each and those are my favorite deal of the day. Lesson Learned: Don't give coupons to the 5 year old to hold while we shop. One got lost and I ended up returning the item it was for while we were in the checkout line. Katie

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  1. I was thinking about that $11. I am so glad he was honest and you got your money!


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