Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's shopping $42.10 for the week

I shopped for the whole week today and really like that it's all done! I might try to do this Sunday shopping thing again - we'll see. I spent about 40 minutes with Eve, showing her the grocery ads, checking to see if I had additional coupons, et c. and compiling my list. I decided to visit three stores, all close to home, and I was away from home about 2.5 hours. All told, I don't think 3.5 hours-ish is too bad for menu planning, making a list, and going to three stores with a kid in tow.

Here's what I got for $42.10 (child not included):

At Fred Meyer:
2 Farmhouse Rice mix - $.79 each - QFC has Rice-a-Roni for $.75 but I don't mind a few extra cents for the more natural ingredient list.
2-18 eggs - $1.50 each
Sour Cream - $1.50 ($.40 MC) = $1.10
8-8 oz. shredded Tillamook - $1.00 each - For a sale like this I try to buy varieties that aren't often on sale so make the most of this price.
bananas - $.64/lb
syrup - 2.39 regular price
1# strawberries - $1.50
formula - $5.59 ($5.00 coupon) = $.59

At Safeway:
3 Kraft dressing - $.99 each
2 tortillas - $.99 each
2 cottage cheese - $1.50 sale price (50% clearance) = $.75 each
yogurt drinks $1.77 ($1.00 MC) = $.77 for six pack
dino-nuggets - $8.99

Buy 10/Save $5 Sale
4 Ronzoni pasta - $.99 after Buy 10 (2 - $1/2 MC) = $.49 each
5 Annie's Shells & Cheese = $.49 after Buy 10
(also got laundry soap as 10th item)
Dannon yogurt 6 pack - $1.29 clearance
3 Kiwi - 3/$1
Fruity Pebbles - $3.69 (FREE store coupon) = FREE

The good news: I had a gift card to cover $11.34 of these groceries. I also found a coupon for a free bag of Hershey Bliss candies in the coupon exchange basket at Fred Meyer. Yum!

The bad news: I walked away from the register at QFC without my change of $11.00. The cashier and I were discussing what I thought was a penny but was actually a coin from Cypress and I got distracted. I figured it out by the time I got home and called immediately (about 15 minutes after my transaction). They had my shopper card which I also left behind, but not my $11. They are supposed to call if the till is off tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. The cashier could have just pocketed it, then his till wouldn't be off! Rats!

p.s. we have 3 apples, 2 oranges, and canned peaches, pears and applesauce to supplement what you see in the photo. For veggies we're just eating frozen because lettuce, tomato, and cucumber are beyond the budget right now.


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  1. I'll take the cute little girl on the far left.

    In paper.

    With help taking her to my car.

    Please. Thanks.

    - Husband Ed


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