Monday, March 21, 2011

Eve's Monday Menu Plan

We are starting a new 'chore' system at our house. Each week one of the older girls is the kitchen helper and the other older girl is the laundry & pick-up helper. This week Eve is the kitchen helper so she helped me plan all our meals. I felt like I was teaching her valuable skills as we talked about what needed to be used up in the fridge, what big thing should we should try to use from the freezer, and which of the dinners we chose would be best to travel with (to eat at Daddy's office). It's not just about what tastes good folks!

We made this list before I did all my grocery shopping yesterday and all the ingredients were available.

Sunday - dinner out
Monday - Sausage soup (to use up old celery, extra carrots, frozen broth & sausage)
Tuesday - Teriyaki chicken (to use 6 months expired (!) teriyaki sauce)
Wednesday - dinner at church
Thursday - Sour cream chicken - Eve's special request
Friday - Ham (to use up something big in the freezer)
Saturday - Turkey pot pie (easy, from freezer, mom won't be home at dinnertime)

Sunday - french chicken/rice (freezer meal swap)
Monday - nachos
Tuesday - pb&j for packed lunch at church (new strawberry freezer jam at Eve's request)
Wednesday - quesadillas (jack cheese at Eve's request)
Thursday - bagels & cream cheese
Friday - Finger food lunch (at Eve's request) - apple slices, cheese, crackers, frozen yogurt tubes
Saturday - ham sandwiches (with leftover ham)


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