Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I've got the hang of grocery shopping with all 4 kiddos, but any other visits to retail establishments are mostly avoided because I can't really accomplish anything while also enforcing crowd control.

Today I braved the thrift store with all 4 and it actually went OK. I think the timing was exactly right so the baby got a little nap before we left and we got home before the toddler was starving.

Here's what I found at Children's Hospital Thrift Store in Bellevue (my favorite):

I was really excited to find shirts for DH. He is very tall and thin so I don't often run across dress shirts that actually fit him in the thrift stores. Today I found a black/white plaid, a white Pierre Cardin, and a green Van Heusen that should all work! They are all wrinkle resistant (an absolute must for this wife) and cost $2, $3.75 and $6. Definitely a savings from new!

I also picked up the book What's So Amazing About Grace which is on my list for this year of non-fiction. It was only $2. A cute pink jacket for one of the girls for $1.25 and a complete Madeline puzzle for $1. The older girls have just discovered Madeline so this was a just a fun extra purchase.

If anyone is in the market for furniture - there were some gorgeous Ethan Allen pieces being delivered while we were there this morning. About 10 wood pieces were being unwrapped - my favorites were two folding screens.


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