Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazon Fresh

So I have just discovered Amazon Fresh and I've been hanging out on the site and checking prices for various things over the last few days.

Overall the prices are much higher than I would normally pay, but there are a few good deals I've run across, especially in the 'deals' section.

For example:
  • Today in the 'deals' section Amazon Fresh is offering 5 -1 lb frozen, free-range, boneless, skinless, chicken breasts for $9.00. That's only $1.80/lb which is a good price for boneless, skinless chicken breast and much better deal considering it's free-range chicken
  • Today in the 'deals' section there is organic yogurt 6-packs for $2.51. It's a little more than I normally pay for yogurt, but a great price if you regularly buy organic.
  • There are also discounts if you buy a 'case' of something. In many situations, a case is only 3 items.
  • Santitas Corn Chips are $1.99. The best price I can find on a regular basis at grocery stores is $2. Buying 3 bags discounts this price 15% to $1.69. I would happily pay that price.
  • Pirate Booty, white cheddar, is $2.49. If you buy a case of 12, the price is reduced 25% to $1.87 - again a great price.
  • Children's liquid acetaminophen - generic brand - is only $4.49 for a 4 oz bottle and if you buy 3 bottles, the price is reduced by 25% to just $3.15 each.

Those are some of the best deals I've seen the last few days. Does anyone else use Amazon fresh and know about items with good prices?

You have to spend $75 per order for free delivery and they just leave it on your doorstep. If you spend $125 they'll carry it inside and take the delivery bins back (attended delivery). Also, many Amazon items can be included in your Amazon Fresh delivery to bring the total up or to save yourself a shopping trip.


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