Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garage Clean-Up

Getting the garage clean is another of the projects I've been working on as I am trying to focus on being a better homemaker. DH and I did most of the work in one sunny day as the kiddos rode bikes and played in front of the house.

Here's what we did:

  • sorted boxes of stuff into piles to keep, garage sale, or donate
  • recycled a pile of empty boxes (why was I collecting these?)
  • found lots of things to take to a recycling event (more on that next week)
  • sorted canning jars by size and found good boxes to store them
  • rearranged stuff on shelves to allow better access and make more space
  • removed everything from the dining set we're trying to sell and polished it up
  • decided to sell a little table I love but really have no place for
  • put all the strollers/baby gear together
  • put all the bikes/trikes/scooters together
  • cut up a 12 foot plastic pipe (I was sporting some rad safety goggles)
  • took two boxes of books to the local book exchange

Overall I feel great to have things organized and condensed. I also feel great that DH and I actually accomplished a whole project in one day. This is how I want All of our projects to go!

A few photos:

Canning Jars

Dining Set to sell

Little table to sell


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