Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moldy Onions?

The other day I was moving my big buckets of bulk food around and pulled a bag or something (I forget - overloaded brain) out of my bin of onions. My first thought was "Please don't be moldy! I need onion for tonight's dinner!" Wouldn't you know it, this is what my four onions looked like. It really does just take one bad onion to rot the whole barrel.

I hate to throw away food and make every effort to waste nothing. My practice when something molds is almost always to salvage what I can. So I thought I'd document it here since it seems to fit the blogs of title of 'A Resourceful Home.'

Two of the onions were really bad. I cut those in half with a 'good side' and a 'bad side'. I peeled one layer of the good side and as many layers as the mold pentrated on the bad side. Then I put them in tupperware and into the fridge. They'll be used in next week's meals. The two remaining onions just had mold smudges on them, basically transfer from contact with the other onions. I just peeled the first layer off each of those, washed & dried my bin, and put the onions back in.

This process seems pretty obvious to me, but I recently had a great conversation with a young woman who is working hard to learn to cook frugally and be thrifty homemaker. This particular woman probably wouldn't know that she doesn't have to throw all the onions away so I thought it was worth posting.


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