Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Albertsons Reminder

My friend, Sarah, called yesterday to remind me of some great General Mills deals at Albertson's this week. The sale is ending today so this is a last minute reminder. Also, if you haven't used your double coupons yet, those expire today, too.

The General Mills/BoxTops deal is a Buy10/Save $5 promotion making each item $.50 cheaper if you buy 10 total items. You can mix & match the products - you don't have to buy 10 of the same thing.

With the $.50 off each item some of the deals are: Several varieties of cereal including Cheerios for $1.50, Betty Crocker cake mix for $.50, Betty Crocker frosting or cookie pouches for $1.00, Hamburger Helper for $.75, Progresso soup for $1.00, Gogurt or Trix yogurt for $1.50, and lots more. The back page of the ad lists all the sale items. Additionally, most of the items eligible for this promotion have had MCs in the Sunday paper during the last month making them even less expensive, or free if you use one of the double coupons.

I'm planning to go to Albertson's late tonight to see what I can get.


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