Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Menu Plan - Shopping for Camping Trip

We're camping this week and I have been planning our meals the last two weeks trying to get a handle on price of groceries and figuring out how to maximize our cooler space.

We have an electric hookup even though we're tent camping, so that will make cooking much easier. I'm planning to bring our grill, toaster, and blender.

Here's the plan for 6 breakfasts:
Pancakes & Bacon
Pancakes & Sausage
Skillet with egg, potato, ham & cheese
Bagels with cream cheese & ham
Cold cereal x 2

6 lunches:
Hot Dogs/Sausages x 2
Grilled Cheese
PB & J x 2

2 Dinners for 10 adults & 5 kids (other nights will be provided by other folks):
Mexican Taco Bar (chips, tortillas, lettuce, beef, beans, rice, tomato, cheese, sour cream, etc)
Beef Stew & Biscuits (Beef, carrots, potatoes, corn, beans & rolls)

I already had lots of the ingredients for these meals and only needed a few supplemental things. I got sucked into a trip to QFC because I got a $5/$25 coupon that expires before we get back from camping. I bought very little I needed (but plenty we'll use) trying to get to the $25 mark. It struck me while I was shopping that I was using the coupon to get 20% off my purchase since I aim right for $25 and it was just like shopping at Top calculating the discount. I actually felt like my efforts at Top were kind of a pain for only 5 more percent. At any rate, Here's what I got for $20.18:

All those yogurt were $.30 each with dates August 25 or later.
1/2 gallon organic milk was on clearance for $2.23
Bananas $.59/lb
Organic strawberries $2.99 (for strawberry shortcake with guests)
Canteloupe $.38/lb
5# onion $3.99 (actually needed these for camping)

Somewhere my math was off and my total was only $23.68 at the checkout instead of at least $25 so I threw in $1.50 worth of candy bars to get over $25.00. I figure after the discount $.40 is OK for a candy bar and I'm pregnant so I'm allowed.


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