Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Update

I am now in my 38th week of pregnancy and really feeling it!

I am also very busy at home with nesting projects and "harvest" projects like canning, picking, freezing, etc.

After getting myself seriously stressed out and weepy and last week, I have decided to just do what I can do and not get freaked about posting on this blog every day or loading it up for the month after the baby arrives.

So I'll still be posting a couple times a week for the next six weeks or so, but I'm not going to commit to more than that with the level of exhaustion I am currently experiencing and expect to have for about a month after Phoebe arrives. More than that will just be a bonus.

I am not so vain to think this really affects any readers, but I hope you do keep reading my less frequent posts.



  1. You are on my RSS feed, so I'll read your blog no matter how often you post! Definitely take care of yourself sweetie :)

  2. I'll be reading too. I just did the math and I calculate you are going to be past 40 weeks on the date of your c-section. I think I remember you are 9/8. Is that right?

  3. My 12 week ultrasound put my due date at 9/9, but the based-on-cycle due date is 9/11. The C-sec is scheduled pretty close, but not quite to 40 weeks. I am currently 37 weeks and a couple days, so in the 38th week. When I deliver I'll be 39 weeks and a few days, so not quite 40 weeks.

  4. I didn't know you had chosen a name - you slyly snuck that in! ;) What will Phoebe's middle name be? So fun!!!


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