Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Menu Plan - home from camping

OK - we're back from our camping trip - We had a great time with a couple mishaps I'll post about in the next few days.

We are low on groceries, but here's the plan for now:

Monday - Hot Dogs/Sausages (to use up hot dog buns) with potato salad & corn on the cob
Tuesday - Quesadillas & green salad
Wednesday - White Chicken Lasagna (freezer meal) with green salad
Thursday - Mexican Dip & Chips (using up cream cheese)
Friday - Pineapple Lemon chicken (freezer meal) with green salad
Saturday - Company for dinner - BBQ
Sunday - Sausage soup (using up zucchini, carrots, tomatoes)

Monday - Grilled cheese & fruit
Tuesday - Mac'n'Cheese & veggies
Wednesday - French Toast (using up rolls) & fruit
Thursday - PB & J (packed lunch)
Friday - Quesadilla
Saturday - Mac'n'Cheese
Sunday - Leftovers

Must buy: Bananas, other fruit, eggs, milk,
Should buy: butter, coffee creamer, mac'n'cheese, cheddar, pork, chicken

I'll likely shop at QFC and Top this week because of my $5/$25 coupons. I'll check out the ads & see what is on sale through tomorrow.

Sorry for the brief post - I am ridiculousy busy today doing laundry & unpacking.


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