Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Champion Food Outlet

I had a great trip to Champion Foods in Issaquah before the camping trip. It's always a treat to see what kind of goodies I'll find when I make it over there.

I bought all the Size 4 & 5 diapers I could find. While we cloth diaper most of the time, we use disposables at night and if we are headed out. I got 164 diapers for $15.50 which works out to
about $.095 per diaper - a steal for these larger sizes.

I also bought several packages of bamboo skewers for only $.25 each! I saw these at TOP Foods this week for $2.79 regular price. $.25 is awesome!

There are still lots of Cool Fruits freezable juice pops for only $1.00. These juice pops are a favorite at our house at only 25 calories each and 99% fruit juice with no sugar added.

I bought a couple packets of powdered milk for camping. With limited cooler space I thought I could just make enough milk for each morning and not have to keep anything cold.

There were also a number of Arrowhead Mills baking mixes for $1.00 and I bought a gingerbread cookie mix because my girls asked for it and it came with a free cookie cutter.

Finally, I also bought some baby snacks to toss in my purse. They are organic dried fruit and whole grain bites intended for 12M + and were only $.50 for the resealable pouch.

If you haven't checked out Champion Foods in Issaquah I would highly recommend you plan a trip, especially if you buy primarily organic or gluten-free foods. Their address is 1590 NW Maple St. That's right across the street from the big bus transfer station between Newport & Maple, in the big storage unit complex.


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