Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Menu Plan

The menu plan is an easy post because I have to figure out what we'll eat all week anyway - so no extra stress!

I did grocery shop this week using my $5/$25 coupons at QFC and Top Foods, but I didn't take photos of either trip. I also spent $10 at Albertson's using a gift card. I am well beyond my $200 for the month, but we adjusted our budget to allow for the extra spending because I am stocking up on baby formula, using the $5/25 coupons, and bought 75 pounds of peaches.

The best deal was finding Bar S thick sliced bacon on clearance for $.99 at TOP in Woodinville yesterday. It's "best by" date is August 23 so I just tossed it right into the freezer and I'll pull it out as needed. I bought 11 pounds to bring my shopping total to $30.17 so I could use my $5/$25 coupon and then use a coupon for $5 in my Top Connection Wallet if I made a $25 purchase. My total was $25.17 and I'll use the $5 "wallet" next time I'm at Top. Overall I saved 33% on each item I purchase so the bacon was really only $.66/lb. Woo-Hoo. I also did the Tillamook Deal to get 2# of cheese for $4 (or $2.67 with the 33% off) and butter for $2.00 (or $1.34 with 33% off).

QFC was a necessity trip for bananas & milk. I also picked up blue cheese dressing, mozarella cheese, and some clearance sausage to get my total to $25. I love to make a veggie soup about once a week to use up garden veggies and DH only likes it with sausage. You can imagine my delight to find 3 pounds of organic sausage for only $1.99 each pound.

At Albertsons I also got free infant formula. I have lots of $5 "checks" from Similac that I have been using one at a time to buy a quart of pre-mixed formula. I did the math and the $1 or less I end up spending makes this formula cheaper than costco powder formula. Yesterday I got the formula for free because there was a bottle on clearance for $3.84 and I used a $5.00 check for it.

Here's my dinner plan for the week:

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie (need to use a box of stuffing and I have chicken, veggie, and pie crust in the freezer)
Tuesday - Stuffed Bell Peppers (didn't make them last week)
Wednesday - Lasagna (I finally found mozarella on sale - I'll make a double batch and freeze one for after Phoebe's arrival)
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Macaroni & Cheese Pie (Eve's special request)
Saturday - Sausage/Veggie Soup
Sunday - Whatever I make for the meal swap (either chicken skewers or chinese noodle chicken)

Lunches - whatever I find. This mama is takin it easy.



  1. I think I have some more checks for you. Glad they are working out to be cheaper! The pre-mixed is probably easier too.

  2. so where'd you buy 75 lbs of peaches???

  3. @ Kracinda - Thanks! I could definitely use them.

    @ Meredith - I have a friend with a bulk-buying connection. We drove out to Sultan and bought 25# boxes for $12 for perfect & $7.50 for imperfect. I bought 3 boxes of imperfect - you can't go wrong for $.30/lb!


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