Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Throw the toy away or try to fix it?

Joanna dropped her toy car keys from her high chair the other day. I don't know what happened, but the ring that holds it all together broke in two places. I picked up the pieces and thought, "Rats! I actually like that toy. Oh well." I actually had the same toy for my older two girls and they wore it out. This was a replacement handed down from a friend.

After dinner I started to look at it and thought, I can fix this! So I busted out the super glue - I love super glue - and voila! A fixed toy!

I intended to show you before and after pictures, but my camera, while clearly showing me the broken toy in the view screen as I snapped the first picture, now only shows a red screen for that shot. My junky camera keeps me humble, right? The picture shows the repair-job. Almost as good as new!

If you have a broken toy, earring, or other item lying around waiting to get fixed, give it a try - you might surprise yourself! And if nothing else, that item will get off your counter, shelf, or dresser where it's been collecting dust and making clutter.

NOTE: I love to buy super glue at The Dollar Store. So often super glue gets messed up with the cap sticking to the tube or the tube getting stuck to the drawer or a number of other mishaps. (This happens to you, too, right?) Anyway, The Dollar Store sells a package of 3 small tubes for $1. These little tubes are great for one to a few small jobs and if something nasty happens to it, no problem, just toss it. This is much more frustrating to me when I have to throw away a tube that cost several dollars and I only got to use once.


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