Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Albertsons Double Coupons

I went to Albertsons last night with my dear husband. We were actually on a date, but I couldn't miss out on those double coupons which expired yesterday. =^)

My camera is again failing me and rather than keep fighting with it and getting more and more frustrated I'll just tell you what I bought with the double coupons.

12 double rolls of Cottonelle - $5.49 sale ($1.00 doubled) = $3.49
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste - $1.76 clearance ($1.00 doubled) = FREE + $.24 overage
Jiffypop Microwave Popcorn 3 pack - $1.00 sale ($.50 doubled) = FREE

I also bought onions & bananas which I need for the next few days before we leave for Disneyland, but I forgot to buy milk. I know! Now the question is should we try to live without it for three days or should I go pick up a quart and use it sparingly?


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