Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loss Leaders at Safeway

Usually the grocery stores advertise anywhere from 1-5 items at very low prices each week. So low, that they store might lose money on the products. These items are called loss leaders and are intended to get shoppers into the stores where we will presumably do some additional shopping. I tend to primarily only buy the loss leaders with a few other sale items depending on the week and how many stores I will visit.

I used to visit Safeway for their loss leader deals, but then they starting requiring a $10 minimum purchase to use the loss leader coupons. I could usually work that out, especially if I found a package of markdown meat. Then Safeway increased the minimum purchase to $20. I almost never spend $20 at Safeway so, sadly, I almost never get to use the loss leader coupons. Additionally, sometimes Safeway requires a purchase of a minimum number of the sale item to get the price. Grrr.

This week, however, I could easily spend the $20 because there are so many great loss leader coupons. The Sunday paper had an insert with 22 coupons and the Tuesday mailer had 14 more. My favorite deals this week at Safeway:

99 cent gallon milk
98 cent 18 eggs
1.49 Cheerios & Cinnamon Toast Crunch (must buy 4) use $1.00/1 coupons here, here, & here. print twice per computer.
$4.99 Always or Tampax - pair with a B1G1 coupon from Sunday paper to get two packages for $4.99.
$1.99 Coffeemate liquid creamer - pair with $1.50/2 coupon here to get 2 for $1.25 ea.
$1.99 String Cheese 16 count
$2.99 O Organics frozen pizza
and finally a $30 giftcard with any transferred prescription.

Thanks to Money Saving Mom again for the Cheerios coupon links.

Be sure to check out Safeway's ads for more deals on things you use. Happy Shopping,


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