Monday, January 4, 2010

FREE $25 in Top Food coupons

I received a mailing this week from Top Food & Drug. It includes a $5/$25 coupon for each of the four weeks in January starting January 6th. It also includes an additional coupon for a free $5 in your Top Connection account when you spend $25. In total these coupons are worth $25 over the course of January and I will give them away to the first person who comments as a thank you for visiting the site and commenting!

I am not a Top Connection member - mostly because membersip is not required to get the sale prices. My understanding of how it works, though, is that all your purchases are recorded in your account and if Top puts any of those items on sale within 30 days of your purchase, they will refund the difference in cost to your account. Additionally, if you find a product is unsatisfactory, you can log on from your home to 'return' the item and receive a refund.*

Is anyone out there a Top Connections member? What do you think of it?

*I am sure that Top Foods has had to deal with gross abuse of this system due to people's dishonesty. I feel strongly that 'getting a deal' by lying or cheating the system somehow is never ok. Not only is it dishonest, but it makes the companies getting abused unable to continue offering great deals into the future. Just resist the temptation!


  1. Yippee! Am I the first to comment? TOP is my favorite store! I am a TOP connection member and have had to "return" raspberries that were moldy and meat that went bad before its marked expiration date. Both times were very easy - and the cashier asked the next time I used my card if I wanted to apply my credit toward that days purchase.
    Congrats on teh new blog adventure!

  2. You are the first! I'm so glad you came to check out the new blog. I will mail you the coupons if I don't see you tomorrow at Cheryl's.


  3. I love TOP foods, but I don't even try to get the deals you do. However, because I am a link member, I get occasional email coupons. I got a 10% off my entire order coupon good for Friday or Saturday, and they also had 2 other deals I was interested in--lots of 2 for 1 deals on meat (I buy pork only as I have a partical cow in the freezer), and spend $15 on Full Circle (organic) products, get $5 off immediately, plus I used my $5 off $50+ purchase coupon from the Entertainment Book, and I had saved about 50% off my bill!

    Another reason I love TOP in Woodinville--only TOP left with the kids' center. Kyla LOVES going to TOP foods to play and Piper loves helping me load and unload the cart without Kyla around. Anything to make shopping painless is priceless!
    Congrats on starting this site. I'll be reading!


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