Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cleaning the Carpets

My wonderful Mom and Aunt were here visiting for a couple of days this week. They come every few months for a visit where we end up doing a little thrift shopping and a lot of work around the house. Bless them, my laundry and ironing usually get all caught up, we move all the furniture to vaccum, and those things I've been "meaning to do" for a couple of months get done.

The big task I had been "meaning to do" recently was to shampoo our carpets. The carpets hadn't been cleaned since we moved in June 2007 so it was well past time, but there wasn't room in the budget to hire someone to come in. Thanks to my friend Shawna, who lent me her carpet shampooer (what a fun word!), to mom for buying the detergent, and Melanie for loaning me some giant fans for drying. Mom ended up doing all the shampooing which I am feeling guilty about, though I did get a short lesson in carpet cleaning. The carpets look great! I am especially pleased that the throw rug in the girls' room came clean. I found it at Value Village over a year ago for $7, but it's a $299 Pottery Barn rug! It was pretty clean when we bought it, but a shampoo did wonders. Yahoo for cute little girl rugs at low, low prices!

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