Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Albertson's Coupons

Silly me! Here it is Tuesday morning and I finally looked at the Sunday paper. I was excited to see Albertson's had an insert with 3 double coupons and another coupon for their awesome cheese deal this week.

The cheese deal is 2# shredded for only $2.99. A good price on cheese is $2/lb, so only $1.50/lb qualifies as awesome. It's Albertson's brand in a variety of flavors - I will try to grab Montery Jack tonight since it's really hard to find at even $2/lb.

I don't usually bother buying cheddar when there is an awesome cheese sale because it's so easy to get for $2/lb. Fred Meyer's regular price is $4.49 for 2# of cheddar, too.

Also, don't neglect those double coupons. I get stuff for free and almost free with regularity using double coupons.


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