Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 22 - $306.90

A big week again.  I was just telling some friends this morning at church how hard it is on my ego to spend so much on groceries.  I used to be really proud of myself for my $100/week on groceries, but darned if my kids don't keep growing and emerging with more allergies.  And I'm trying to buy more organic.  I don't know why I'm surprised every week at how much I spend.

Monday I went to QFC with a kiddo for milk.  I also picked up almond milk and found some good clearance deals including: organic Kashi bars for $2.24/box, organic hummus for $2.49, cottage cheese for $0.79 each, baby food for $0.69, and a bag of clearance produce for $0.99.  I spent $28.10.

Wednesday night I took DD3 out to shop for her birthday party.  She was really excited to pick out juice - it was $1.99 each bottle, the Teddy Grahams were a ridiculous $3.69/box, $4.99 for gummy bears, rice cakes for $2.49, a bag of apples, 3 mangoes, 2 organic cucumbers, and clearance packages of chicken thighs ($1.34/.93 lb) and 2 gourmet burger patties for $2.04.  Altogether I paid $35.93.

Another stop at QFC Friday morning for organic peanut butter and an organic watermelon.  These were $12.57.

Saturday afternoon I was exhausted after DD3's birthday party (and staying up half the night cleaning & preparing food), but when DH suggested I get out the house on my own for a few hours I took him on it.  What homeschooling mom of 5 would turn that offer down?  I checked out Grocery Outlet in Bellevue where I don't often have a chance to go.  I was delighted to find organic 2# bricks of cheddar for $9.99 and organic butter for $2.99/lb.  I found 16oz jars of organic salsa for $.99 each, organic potato chips for $1.99, and conventional chicken nuggets, wheat thins, pita chips, onions, oranges, and lunch meat.  I spent $100.02.

I also visited Champion Foods in Issaquah which is usually a great shopping trip for me.  Yesterday was no exception.  I found a passel of deals.  8 bags of kettle chips for $0.50 each, GF teriyaki sauce, organic GF elbow macaroni,gf spaghetti, baby snacks, organic GF granola bars, teabags for $2.00/box, big cans of organic tomato sauce, rice vinegar, dried mango, organic pizza sauce, 6 jars organic baby food, baking soda, organic candy (like starburst), peppercorns, & 25 pound bag of red beans.  I spent $98.45!

And finally, I stopped into Fred Meyer today for olives so I could make DD3 her requested pepperoni & olive pizza. I decided to give the kids a treat of chocolate milk, the 'clean' coffee creamer was on sale for $1.99, I bought Doritos & buns to hopefully bbq this week, a GF/DF pizza to have on hand for DD2, and a couple of mangoes.  I spent $34.65.

Week 22 Total: $306.90 EEP!
Year to Date Total: $3,119.19
Weekly Average: $141.78


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