Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 20 - $136.12

I should just adjust my expectations.  Really. I should figure on spending $150/week so I don't get so annoyed at myself.

I hit the clearance jackpot at QFC Wednesday mid-morning.  I got 12 boxes of cereal for $0.89 each, a box of chex for $1.99, 4 organic cottage cheese for $1.49 each, 2 organic sour cream for $1.79 each, gf/df/ef pizza dough for $3.09, and organic granola bars for $1.99.  I also bought organic soy milk, 2 gallons organic whole milk, a soy milk yogurt as a treat for DD2, organic carrots, organic kidney beans to put in soup this week, and 3 pints of DF sorbet that was on sale.  I also got clearance bbq sauce and chocolate syrup.  I spent $58.99.

I finally made it to the Founder's Day sale at Fred Meyer on Thursday evening.  I bought chips that we needed for a potluck Friday night, 4 boxes of cereal, organic coconut milk that was on clearance for $1.79 (!), 4 organic cucumbers, a loaf of df/gf/ef bread because I just want to make sandwiches for the kids sometimes, organic Earth's Balance butter and a clearance box of glutino breakfast bars.  Conventional stuff included coffee creamer, bread, canned pineapple & mandarins, asparagus, tomatoes, bananas, onions, apples, fruit snacks, diced green chiles, 3 cup-o-noodles, a mango, 2 cans of tomatoes, chicken noodle soup, and a brick of the new Darigold cheese because it was on sale and I wanted to try it (I love sharp, white cheddar &  I love they're not dyeing their cheddar orange like Tillamook and everyone else).  I spent a big $50.24.

A zip through QFC after a coffee date yielded a pound cake for the freezer (to save for a trifle later this summer), some cocoa k-cups, a can of beans because I couldn't find dry beans (what? Yes), and 2 bell peppers. I spent $7.66.

Finally, I was about 45 minutes from home for DD1 to attend a birthday party and I hit up the Safeway to see what I could find.  I got 4 packages of organic sausages and some organic chicken breast for 50% off.  They also had kids' organic squeeze yogurts for 50% off, but lots of sugar in those flavored ones.  I spent $19.23.

Week 20 Total: $136.12
Year to Date 2016 Total: $2,638.93
Weekly Average; $131.95


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