Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 19 - $168.75

This week made up for the previous two low-spending weeks.  Ouch!

Monday I had an hour out and about with 2 girls and we stopped at QFC to check out the deals.  I found organic butter for just $2.99/lb so I bought 9 packages (all that was on the shelf).  I also restocked on the gf/df/eg kiddo's sour cream, cream cheese, and shortening (for baking in lieu of butter).  We found some yogurt cups on clearance for $0.29/each and organic ground turkey for $4.00/lb.  Altogether we spent $51.39.

Tuesday I went out after dinner because the daiya cheese sale was ending at Safeway and I wanted to stock up.  Unfortuantely a lot of the cheese were already sold out!  But I still got a few contrainers.  I also picked up regular cream cheese to make a dinner my kids love, some clearance lunch meat, a clearance can of soup, and clearance organic eggs.  Hummus was on sale and I picked up a multi-grain cereal for the baby to expand his food horizons. I spent $34.33 on food.  I also found a couple non-food items in the clearance area back by the swinging doors.  I got the last remaining kiddo an electric toothbrush for $3.49 and  a fun birthday gift for my nephew for $4.99.  Safeway is hit or miss for me, but the clearance deals were great this trip.

I had a huge trip to Fred Meyer on Thursday, but I can't figure out how to get the picture off my new phone.  I'll update this post when I can access the photo.  I bought whole milk, gf chex cereal, generic honey nut cheerios & cornflakes, organic baby formula, 2 baby cereals, 2 spaghetti boxes, rice vinegar, canned beans & canned tomatoes, hummus in a flavor my mom likes since she was visiting, a clearance bag of 3 organic granny smith apples for $1, a gf/df/ef pizza, a head of romaine, an organic cucumber, 2 packages of nitrate-free bacon for $2.69 each, some clearance bananas, and a clearance sourdough bread boule.  I spent $62.40 on food.

Saturday I was out with DD#2 and we picked up these few things at QFC & Fred Meyer. Baby puffs were $0.79, organic guacamole for $2.19 each, organic potatoes for $2.49 and 3 apples for $1.49/lb. This cost $13.34.

Finally, I found these clearance deals at Safeway today. Lunch meats for $1.24 each, organic baby yogurt for $1.99, and sour cream for $0.79 each.  I spent $7.29.

Grand total groceries for Week 19: $168.75
2016 Year to date: $2,502.81
Weekly Average: $131.73

In 2015 I was only averaging $84.96 at this point.  I think we're eating much better food these days and I know prices are rising, but it really feels like I am overspending.  I'm working on adjusting my attitude.  I know that $130/week is still really excellent.

This week I may spend a lot as well.  Fred Meyer is having its annual Founder's Day sale which is usually chock full of great deals so I may be stocking up a little.

Love, Katie

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