Sunday, May 22, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 21 - $173.36

This week wasn't too bad.  I'm trying to make some meals ahead and get ready for an upcoming vacation where DH & I will be out of town, but family will be staying with our kids.

I popped into Costco for a couple things Monday.  I spent $21.88 on mac'n'cheese and maple syrup.

I went to Fred Meyer for organic yogurt that was on sale for $2.79.  I also bought organic milk, organic green onions, organic mangoes, an organic chicken, and conventional corn flakes, applesauce, chex granola & gf honey bunches of oats.  I spent $40.83.

No photo for a stop Tuesday at QFC for gf/df pizza.  It was $9.99 and annoying because only $7.99 at Fred Meyer.  Too bad QFC is the one close to my house.  *sigh*

Fred Meyer for milk again on Friday.  My kids are drinking it fast!  I also got the raspberries that were on sale, 2 organic cucumbers, bacon, and clearance baby food and bread.  I only spent $19.39.

Finally, a big trip on Saturday where I got lots of good deals with sales & coupons.  I bought clearance pectin for canning, croissants, and salami sticks. I used manufacturer's coupons for the Ritz and Triscuits which were also on sale.  I also got 2 containers of organic formula, organic gummy bears, organic potatoes, and conventional cream cheese, salsa, lunchmeat, half & half, creamer, asparagus, zucchini, oranges & raspberries.  I also picked up some clearance K-cups to share with one of my homeschool groups.  I spent $81.27 on food.

Week 21 Total: $173.36
Year-to-Date Total: $2,812.29
Weekly Average: $133.92


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