Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 39 - $76.84

We were on a cruise ship most of Week 39 with all food provided.  We had a few granola bars and some baby food pouches we'd packed for days off the ship, but otherwise the cruise line provided.

We got home in the week hours Sunday and I made it to the store Sunday night for some basics.  But of course found a mountain of other deals I couldn't resist.

I spent $76.84 on the food pictured: a head of romaine, a gallon of organic milk, 7 -6packs of Hershey bars on clearance for $1.79 each (so $0.30 per chocolate bar with expiration date next summer), 2 organic cucumbers, 2 containers of dried cranberries on clearance for $1.99 each, 5 clearance packages of linguica sausage, a 3# bag of clementines, a box of organic lettuce, 2 creamers, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 loaves of bread, 4 organic apples, 3 lemons, a 10 pound sack of potatoes, a 1 pound package of lunchmeat, and a clearance box of Skinny Cow candy. Not pictured: $3.99 box of a dozen clearance donuts.  Not too bad. 

Week 39 Total: $76.84
2016 YTD Total: $5,999.75
2016 Weekly Average: $153.84


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