Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 40 - $427.90

A huge week . . .

I was in Issaquah for an appointment and stopped at my favorite: Champion Foods.  I was a little surprised at myself for spending $113.70, but was delighted to find 25# bags of organic oatmeal and organic multi-colored popcorn!  I also spent $5 on a case of 15 bags of kettle chips, $5 on 20 snack size bags of kettle chips, 2 organic baby cereals, 3 bottles of organic ketchup, gf stuffing mix (for Thanksgiving), organic pasta, dried fruit, 5 baby food squeezies, baby puffs, 2 organic cake mixes, rosemary, organic pizza sauce, 4 organic apples, & some fruit gummy candies.

Immediately after Champion Foods I went to Costco for garlic & rice crackers.  They were having a spectacular organic sale and I stocked up.  I bought two 12-packs of organic mac'n'cheese, 2 bags of organic tortilla chips, 2 dozen organic eggs, 2 3-packs of organic chicken sausages, 2 4-packs of organic spaghetti sauce, a 6-pack of organic pasta, 2 bags of organic GF flour, a 2-pack of organic peanut butter, a case of organic tomato sauce, a case of organic diced tomatoes, a 2-pack of organic salsa, 2 packages of organic meatballs, a 10 pound bag of carrots, and the organic garlic I went in for.  I also bought conventional bananas, tortillas, pita bread, cans of chicken breast, fruit leather & organic fruit snacks, and the rice crackers I had on my list.  I also picked up a pizza for dinner that night.  I spent a whopping $253.31!  I can't remember the last time I spent that much in one grocery transaction.

You'd think I'd have shocked myself into a little spending hiatus, but no.  I went to QFC the VERY NEXT MORNING and spent another $60.89.  Seriously.  I took a photo, but my kids deleted it before I could download it.  The best find was 10 clearance bags of apples for $0.99 each.  I spent $9.90 on about 20 pounds of apples, went straight home, and made a pile of applesauce.  I also bought 3 creamers, a gallon of organic milk, organic lettuce, organic chives, celery, 4 organic cucumbers, quart of organic yogurt, 2 tubs of organic sour cream, nitrate-free sausage, & 2 bricks of cheese.

Week 40 Total: $427.90
Year to Date: $6,427.65
Weekly Average: $160.69


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