Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 42 - $103.88

A quick trip to Fred Meyer for fruit & chicken turned into $80.05!  I found uncured beef hot dogs for $2.99/package and bought lots.  The GF/DF pizza we buy was on sale so I picked one up.  I also found toddler formula on clearance.  DS hasn't taken to plain milk so we're still mixing milk with formula.  I also found clearance puffs, dried fruit, and pouches for DS.  I bought that chicken I needed for a potluck, bananas,  organic apples.  I also found round steak for $2.22/lb on clearance and picked up hot dog buns to go with the hot dogs.

I stopped at Haggen on the way to a friend's house for allergy friendly cookies.  No photo.  They were $3.50.

I wen to QFC tonight for milk.  I found nitrate free sausage on clearance and bought 5 packages.  I also found clearance organic cottage cheese, a clearance guac/pico mix, and paid regular price for the bananas & organic milk.  I spent $20.33.

All told, a pretty small week.

Week 42 Total: $103.88
YTD 2016 Total: $6,667.31
WeeklyAverage: $158.75

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