Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 41 - $135.78

This week's shopping wasn't too bad.

I went to Costco for a few things, but I can't find my receipt.  I usually look for the small packages of organic chicken thighs so this one was likely $14, the curry is about $13, the hummus is under $6, & the sugar is about $9, I think.  So estimating $42 here.

I stopped to pick up milk at QFC on Tuesday.  I also found a few things in the clearance bin including a gf cornbread mix $1.79, sesame oil $5.29, Yerba Mate tea $1.59, organic guacamole $2.19, and 3 apples for $0.99. I also picked up organic grapes for $2,49/lb.  I splurged on soy yogurt for DD2. I spent $30.70.

I went to Fred Meyer for more milk on Friday. I also picked up chocolate milk for the kids to have a treat, GF cereal & GF/DF granola bars, organic lettuce mix, and bananas.  I spent $25.09.

I dropped in at QFC Saturday for ingredients so I could make DD1's requested birthday treats including ice cream, a baquette, and parsley.  While there I found clearance lettuce $3.99, nitrate free sausages $2.49 each, a package of baby food $0.89, a can of soup $0.49, pico de gallo $2.49, 3 bell peppers for $0.99, and 3 pomegranates for $0.99.  The best surprise were apples on clearance.  4 big, organic apples for $0.99 each.  I spent $7.91 on 22+ pounds and made over a gallon of applesauce. I spent $37.99 altogether.

Week 41 Total: $135.78
YTD 2016 Total: $6,563.43
Weekly Average: $160.08


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