Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 36 -$232.55

Oh, I can't resist fruit!

A local gal brought fruit from her parents' organic orchard in Spokane and I jumped at the white peaches for $1.50/lb.  She had a few pears & apples so I got those, too.  I spent $99.00 on all this.

Back home we needed some basics in a hurry so I headed to the store for cereal, milk, & lettuce on Tuesday.  I also grabbed a few bananas and found clearance Annie's organic dressing for $0.75 each, clearance pectin for $1.12 each, and clearance glutino pretzels for $0.75 each.  Yay!   I spent $17.99 on food.

DD3 picked this carrot from the garden for baby boy.  She was pretty excited that he ate it for dinner.

Thursday I went to QFC and spent $85.09.  The photo disappeared from my camera, but it shouldn't be a surprise since the kids were busy with the camera for several days.  I found a clearance pizza for $4.99, 5 boxes of cheerios, 5 bags of chips, 2 boxes of organic formula, 2 tubs of organic sour cream, 3 boxes of organic cream cheese, creamer, 8 jars/pouches of baby food, 2 soy yogurt cups, daiya shredded cheese, and a clearance pack of k-cup soup.

I went back to QFC on Friday and spent $30.47.  This time I got the photo.  I bought 6 ears of corn, 3 boxes of crackers with coupons were just $1.36 average, 5 boxes of cereal were just $0.89 each after coupons, gluten free corndogs were $4.99/box and I found a box of clearance organic formula for half price!  

Week 36 Total: $232.55
YTD Total: $5,755.67
Weekly Average: $159.88

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