Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 38 - $29.10

We were at Disneyworld all week in Week 38.

I had purchased some groceries in Week 37 and made another shopping trip mid week to supplement what I'd purchased our first day.  I bought more applesauce, more organic oatmeal, 4 packs of pudding cups & a dark chocolate bar for GF/DF kid snacks, I bought organic ketchup, a 3# bag of mandarin oranges, & a few bananas.  I also bought a 5 pack of sausages for lunch in Disneyworld.  No photo of this trip.  I spent $25.11 on food.

I went to Walgreen's for a few items and picked up a second bottle of creamer.  It was a whopping $3.99.  Yeesh!

Week 38 Total: $29.10
2016 Year-to-Date: $5,922.91
Weekly Average: $155.87


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