Thursday, June 30, 2016

Menu Plan

I've been winging it for 3 days and it's just too hectic to continue.  I need a plan, starting now.  I'm including what we've already eaten this week just so it's not a 3 day plan.

Ideally, I'd be using stuff from the freezer so I could unplug it for a month or two, but now that I'm freezing fruit and making a ton of chicken stock I've lost hope of unplugging.   *sigh*

Monday - hot dogs
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - Spaghetti & Red sauce (with zucchini blended into sauce)
Thursday - Pancakes, Sausages
Friday - Chicken Teriyaki
Saturday - Sausages (packed dinner)
Sunday - Smoothies & Popcorn

Monday - Cheesy bread
Tuesday - chicken nuggets
Wednesday - Quesadillas
Thursday - Finger Food Lunch
Friday - Italian Sausage Soup (use more zucchini and tomatoes)
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Pot roast


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