Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 25 - $149.16

I went to Fred Meyer on Monday with DD1.  We bought baby formula, Cheerios, a loaf of bread, onions, mango, some clearance baby food & fancy candy, and 3 peaches.  I spent $35.58. That formula just kills the budget.

I also made a late night stop at QFC Monday and picked up a cup-o-noodle &  a bag or doritos for $2.28.  No photo.

Friday morning I went to QFC with DD2.  We got organic milk, organic soy milk, and coconut milk.  I also bought the baby some cereal, a gf/df pizza, organic carrots, a few apples, & mozzarella cheese.  We found hummus on clearance and my favorite, organic rice cakes for $1.89/package when I rarely see them under $2.99.  I spent $52.21.

Finally, I went to Fred Meyer Friday in the late afternoon.  I now I laid out all the groceries, but somehow either I didn't take a photo or the kids deleted it before I downloaded to my laptop.   I spent $59.09 on 2 boxes of formula, 4 coffee creamers, 4 cheap mini-pizzas, chicken hot dogs, more mozzarella, 3 organic peaches, & six boxes of Cheerios.  It was a good trip for $59.09.

Week 25 Total: $149.16
YTD 2016 Total: $3,640.22.
2016 Average: $145.61


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