Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2015 Groceries Week 26 - $265.40

Lots of shopping this week.

I was at QFC  Tuesday for milk and found lots of stuff on clearance.  I picked up a couple of delipizzas for $4.99 each, the organic milk was on clearance for $3.19, organic salad mix for $1.49, 3 packages of organic rice cakes for $1.89 each, a pound cake for $1.99 and 4 yogurts for $0.59 each.  I also bought lunch meat, bananas, & turkey patties on clearance for $2.50/4.  We hosted a BBQ Friday night, so finding these burgers was timely.  Not picture: a package of clearance asparagus for  $1.99.  So yummy.  Altogther I spent $39.88

Wednesday I went to buy raspberry flats at my favorite no-spray farm, Bahnmiller's in Monroe.  I planned to buy 4 flats, but the sweet farmer had a ton and was telling me how he was "up to [his] ears in berries."  So he was happy to let me take more.  He also brought a little pint box to the car for the girls to munch while we loaded up all the flats.  These are not organic berries, but I love that they are no-spray and there were a reassuring amount of bugs as I washed and froze them.  I paid $24 per flat so $168 in total.  That works out to $3.40ish/pound.

I stopped at a Grocery Outlet while I was out in Monroe.  I bought some Annie's crackers, a can of corn, a dozen eggs, organic pasta, 2 zucchini, organic hummus, some tomato paste, and a pound of strawberries my kids ate the entirety of right before dinner.  I spent $15.22.

I went to QFC Friday for a few more BBQ items.  I picked up lots of buns, nitrate free sausages, and was really happy to find organic ground turkey for $3/lb.  Cereal was $1.49/ea if you bought 6.  I found baby cereal in the clearance shelf and a loaf of organic bread. I also bought myself a tiny bit of caprese salad that was on clearance and I was starving.  Not pictured is a gallon of organic whole milk.  I spent $42.30 on food.

Weekly Total: $265.40
Year-to-Date total: $3,905.62
Weekly Average: $150.22


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