Thursday, September 19, 2013

Traveling Tomatoes

I hated to leave my garden for over two weeks, especially when it was loaded down with huge quantities of green tomatoes.

So, I picked every red and slightly red tomato the day we left.  Then I picked every tomato that even had a hint of red.  Then I picked some really big ones that were completely green.

I chopped most of the red ones and we took the rest with us to Yosemite, hoping they would ripen over the course of the trip.

The red and slightly red tomatoes

The 'hint-of-red' and very green tomatoes

After three days some of these green buddies are definitely ripening!
Three more days and they're still turning!  I used everything red in my taco soup that night.

These are what remain 10 days into our trip
We came home with these two little guys.  They ripened in the back window of the car on the drive home, but we ended up tossing them because they also got a little soft and COOKED back there on the very hot drive.  =) 
My plan of enjoying fresh tomatoes for two weeks worked!  I was so delighted to have them and share them with our family and friends we saw along the way.


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