Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Menu Plan

OK - super late, but I have almost no 'fresh' food so I have to plan for the rest of the week.  The last couple of nights have been stressful trying to figure out what to make.

Monday - Chicken La Viva (I pulled it out of the freezer)
Tuesday - Macaronada (garlic still OK after our trip, feta traveled nearly 3,000 miles with us)
Wednesday - Costco food stand
Thursday - At a friend's house - PHEW!
Friday - Potluck (Phew again) - Take a big salad
Saturday -Tapas Party - Making a sort of deviled egg
Sunday - Chili Beef Casserole (tortilllas & beef from freezer)
Monday - Burgers on the road
Tuesday - leftover croissants, crackers, and fruit from Bible study refreshments.  Yes, I know that's sad.
Wednesday - quesadillas (four tortillas came home with us from vacation)
Thursday - PBJ (I made bread today with pantry ingredients)
Friday - Grilled cheese (bread again)
Saturday - Smoothies & Finger Food (olives, cheese & crackers, almonds)
Sunday - PBJ

OK - this will get me through with no new shopping.

Goals: Already having an excellent homeschool week.  Must buy an airline ticket!


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