Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Week in the Garden

Here's what I picked in the garden last week:

I'm afraid the lettuce was left out overnight and I couldn't spruce it up. 

I sauteed the green beans the very night I picked them with some leftover ham bits and fat with salt, pepper, and fresh garlic and they were delicious!  My 3 year old helped cut the ends off the beans - she was so proud of herself!  And it really was a help to this mama - Yay!

I took 3 zucchini to church to give friends who said they'd be happy to have some.

Most of the tomatoes were chopped up for the freezer:


And some zucchini and crookneck squash were sauteed in olive oil with onions, salt, pepper, & garlic another night. 

There is still one big zucchini and part of another that needs to be used.  I think I might make kebabs with some marinated sirloin in the freezer.  I can use cherry tomatoes and zucchini to fill up the skewers.  But I might just shred the zucchini and make kebabs next week.

I really love when the garden is producing like this.  The sunny days are awesome because I know the plants just pop out with big growth those days! 



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