Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grocery Shopping Week - Shameful Junk Food Purchases - $143.20

This week I tragically misplaced my Fred Meyer Rewards card.  I don't have a telephone number associated with it so I couldn't get any of the $0.91 digital deals OR rack up rewards points.  It was very frustrating and even stole some of my shopping joy.  Boo!  Of course then I had some thinking to do on why a silly grocery card/saving a few cents was so important to me . . . hm. 

This was the trip to Fred Meyer when I discovered my card was missing.  I spent $19.40.
Cheese - $3.99 on sale
Coffeemate - $2.50 each on sale ($1.25/3) = $2.08 each
Granola Bars - $0.99 on clearance
Life cereal - $1.29 on clearance
Tomatoes - $0.59 on clearance (big can)
Tomatoes - $0.39 on clearance (small can)
Pasta - $0.39 on clearance
Sour Cream - $1.00 each on sale
Green onion - $0.59
Carrots - $0.99 for 2#
Potatoes - $1.98 - Were supposed to be $0.91

This was another trip to Fred Meyer after I registered a phone number to my card online, hoping to still be able to use my account.  Nope.  I spent $17.49.
 Cheese - $3.99 on sale
Brownie Mix - $1.29 on clearance
Fruit cups - $0.99 on clearance
Butter - 3/$5 on sale
Pears - $0.88/lb
Mike & Ike candy - $0.49 each on clearance
Swedish Fish - $0.99 on clearance
Tootsie Pops - $1.39 on clearance

I had a bit of a rough day on Friday and made the very poor choice of going out for Doritos because I wanted them and after the day I had I just wasn't going to care about the calories.  I am a bit embarrassed to post this photo . . . I spent $26.65 and most of it is junk food!
Doritos - $2.00 each if you buy 2
Bananas - $0.69/lb
Grapes - $`1.69/lb
Donut holes - $0.59 on clearance
Cups of Noodles - $0.50 each on clearance
Candy 8-packs - $1.25 each
Spinach Artichoke dip - $0.99 on clearance
Hummus - $1.99 on clerance
Pita Chips (for hummus & dip) - $4.99 REGULAR PRICE!!!
Pound of Turkey lunchmeat - $3.39 on clearance
Box of Boogers - $1.00 each (funny gift for husband and visiting brother)

I stopped in at grocery outlet because I was in the neighborhood Saturday and spent $17.53.
Coffeemate - $0.50 each!  (2 days from stamped date)
Potatoes - $2.99 for 10#
Ends & Pieces Bacon - $5.99 for 3#
Pepperoni - $5.99 for 3#
Mac & Cheese - $0.39 each

And finally, I stopped at the Yakima Fruit Stand between Bothell & Kenmore on my way home from the Grocery Outlet because I saw that pears were only $0.69/lb.  And even better a box of 28# was $16.99 making the pears only $!  Why did I buy 84 pounds?  For canning of course.  Why did I buy them when I already have about 30# of apples and 20# of plums waiting to be canned?  I don't know.  I wasn't thinking apparently.  Ugh.
$50.97 in pears
Our milk delivery was $11.16 and I didn't get eggs.

Week 38 total: $143.20
Year-to-date total: $3,989.65
Average per week: $104.99


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