Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tardy June Update

A quick update because I'm running around trying to get food and the house reasdy for the barbeque this weekend.

In June:
1. We saved 4.9% toward our emergency fund.  We're up to almost 11%.  My goal was 5% and I really wanted to meet it, so I deposited a huge chunk of my garage sale money into the savings account.  I didn't have the best attitude about it and I still miss the security of a pile of cash tucked away in a drawer, but I made the monthly goal and that's some comfort.
2. I used the dryer a lot, unfortunately.  The weather was just terrible and I wasn't able to hang things on the clothesline but for one day that we were in town.
3. We did get my old desk back into the office.
4. I did post every day on Project TwentySix.
5. I weeded 90% of the garden.  To me this is failing to meet my goal.  To DH this is "mostly done!"  We are so different.
6. I forgot to keep my thankful list for June but here are a few off the top of my head.

I'm thankful for two very successful garage sales, for a cousin and a sister-in-law willing to sacrifice their houses for the mess a garage sale makes,  for the opportunity to spend time with my sister (who I've only an hour or two at a time the last 8 years) for 2 weeks, for my dad's commitment to putting together a family trip every year, for my family's commitment to going on the trip!

Goals for July:
1. We can't save for the emergency fund this month because we have had some big expenses we have to cover.  Gr. 
2. Use the dryer only 2 more times this month (used 2x already, but mostly able to use the clothesline!)
3. Clean out 2 basement closets
4. Post every day on ProjectTwentySix
5. Freeze a case of peaches
6. I'm already keeping my thankful list for July


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