Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Safeway Clearance Bonanza

I finally looked at last week's grocery ads yesterday and realized I had to run out to Safeway or miss an amazing deal on peaches at Safeway.  They were only $.77/lb!  Wow! 

Of course, at that price I wanted a whole case but also of course, they were completely out on the last day of the sale.  Instead I got a rain check (which I was kind of hoping for because after strawberry jam this week I didn't really want to freeze a bunch of peaches, too).  I'll be busy with peaches next week or the week after.

Of course I couldn't leave without perusing the clearance pockets around the store and I found some great deals!  Yes!

Safeway 12-pack of pop $3.39 (50% off clearance) = $1.69
Horizon organic milk $6.99 (50% off clearance) = $3.49
Chobani organic yogurt $3.19 (50% off clearance) ($1.00 MC) = $.59 for the 4 pack
Dannon Light & Fit yogurt $2.69 ($.80 on sale) (50% off clearance) = $.89 for each 4 pack
La Choy box dinner $2.64 (50% off clearance) = $1.32
Oikos greek yogrut $1.34 ($.34 on sale)(50% off clearance) = $.50 each
Uncle Ben's ready rice $2.28 (50% off clearance) = $1.14 each
Uncle Ben's single serve $1.55 ($1.40 off with purchase of 2 ready rice) = $.15

no crazy, amazing deals but this will definitely shave a chunk of the grocery bill with cheaper milk and yogurt.  The rice and dinner mix will be put aside for camping. 


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