Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Update

Oh, my sad garden.  It's been so neglected . . .

This is a shot mid-June when I was home for 6 days between trips.  DH had watered exactly twice in the two weeks I was gone, but our Seattle Juneuary probably took care of watering it otherwise.

I was super-disappointed that rabbits had eaten all the green beans and snap peas and I wanted to replant, but wasn't home long enough to take care of it.  I also barely weeded.

Here is a photo taken one week ago, at the end of June.   The weeds have taken over!  My great neighbor watered while we were gone this time and both plants and weeds flourished.

In a week I've managed to weed in about 5 different sessions but only did about 70%.  I got the biggest out and I'll keep at it. 

Yesterday, I took a picture of this little spaghetti squash just getting started.  We'll see if it grows for us to eat or if the slugs get it first.  Thankfully there are many, many blossoms so I'm sure we'll get an excellent crop of these.  Thanks to my friend, Liz, for the great starts!

Here are a few tomatoes getting started.

Broccoli - Can you see them hiding in there?

And of course, lettuce.  How exciting - the first fruits!

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  1. Steve and I were just talking tonight about how much earlier the gardens produce here in IL. The lettuce is totally over, the squash coming in full speed now, green peppers coming in and tomatoes will be very soon! I didn't get a garden in this year as I couldn't quite figure out where I would have good sun in the summer (ends up it is on the N side of our property). I need to get the utilites marked so that we can till up a patch this autumn and start getting the soil prepped. Our property was farmland 35 years ago, so unless the spot is covered with clay from digging out the basement we might have wonderful soil! Fingers crossed!


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