Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden Update - Lots of pictures

The garden is growing but I'm waiting for more!  Here are photos from last week.

Round 2 of lettuce (I ripped out the wimpy spinach)

The cucumber that I want to grow like crazy!  I love cucumber.

I ripped out 7 of 21 cucumber plants so the best, healthiext ones had more room to grow.  This super wimpy one was the singular store bought cucumber plant and it was among the weakest.

A couple of baby tomatoes getting started.

Bell peppers that probably won't blossom with out low temperatures.

Same for our jalapenos.

Here's what's left of the snap peas after the rabbits got them.  I replanted so I'm hoping for more.

Here's what left of the green beans (left) after the rabbits got those, too.  Replanted.

Beautiful broccoli.

Picked and eaten for dinner last week.  Yummo!


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