Friday, September 2, 2011

Resourceful Gifting - Used Items

This is a big gifting time of year for our family. We have three little girl birthdays in September, October, November, then of course Christmas in December. We try to be conservative in our giving - meaning no huge piles of gifts and no piles of money spent on gifts.

One of the ways I limit my spending is to give used gifts. The kids could really care less at age 5 and under and my husband prefers used gifts because he knows they are less expensive! I also welcome used gifts because I know they are less expensive and it's better for the earth.

Here is a photo of some used items I've picked up at thrift stores and garage sales this summer in preparation of birthdays and stocking stuffers.
Just for fun here's the costs breakdown:
Barbie furniture - 7 pieces $4.00
Magnet doll pieces - $.79 (will add to DD#2s set)
Pretty fan and box - $.10!
Ken doll tuxedo - $2.50 (new Barbie/Ken outfits are like $7.00!)
Barbie jackets - $1.00? (in a bag with doll clothes & barbie clothes, mixed)
Ken lifeguard outfit - $2.50
Jane Barbie - $.25!
Pocohontas Barbie - $3.00
Ken - $3.00 (bought him for his outfit. Bonus that he's black.)
Fawn, Tinkberbell's friend - $3.00
Finger puppets - $1.00
3 sets of bracelets - $.25 each set
Fancy purse pad of paper - $.10!
Color Wonder markers - $.79
Little figurines - $.20ish each
Potato Head pets - $.50 each
Stamp roller - $1.29
Slinkies - $.99 each
Perler beads - $2.49
Duplos - $2.99

Just a side note - I also get new gift items at thrift and garage sales sometimes.

Decorative 'E' for DD#1 - $4.00
Ken outfit - $1.00
Bible activity pads - $.10 each
Nutcracker magnet set - $2.50
Stickers - $.50

I know used gifts are welcome by my kiddos and husband and I even know which of my siblings, parents, and other friends & family are fine with receiving used gifts. I also know which would not appreciate anything used. As a general rule of thumb I err on the side of caution and don't give used gifts if I don't know for sure it will be welcome.

I would never, ever give a used gift for a wedding - it's just a more formal event. And I would be cautious about anything used for a baby shower - but would go ahead depending on the item. For example, I would use a secondhand basket if I was assembling a gift basket with all new items inside. Or if the nursery theme was The Snorks or something and I have to find a gift on eBay. I would happily offer hand-me-downs at another time.

Have you given a great used gift? I'd love to hear about it!


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