Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Instrument Fix

It seems like little toys and gadgets are always getting broken at our house. Usually I just toss pieces of this or that in a bucket and then attack the bucket about twice a year. I'm coming to realize that usually the this or that isn't worth my time to fix and the kids don't even notice it's been living in pieces in the bucket. So I've gotten pickier.

I did choose to fix this little guy because we love to make music at our house and even DD#4 can shake this baby.

I'm also re-evaluating my time resources as we start homeschool and the days are just plain packed! So my posts here might be shorter or less frequent as a result. We'll see. I'm kinda excited about an idea I have to discard 26 things a day and blog about it - maybe for a whole year! I'm betting 26 things a day will get hard after just a few weeks!


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