Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Menu Plan

Really, you'd think I could come up with something better after a whole week away, right? Sheesh!

It was a crazy week getting homeschool rolling along with all our church activities. Additionally my computer is running terribly slowly so I can only post when I sneak onto Hubby's computer. We're hoping to get me a new computer day after Thanksgiving when electronics are at their best prices.

I decided a menu plan is a necessity this week for my sanity. Last week's winging it showed in our dinner selections. =^) Anyway here's the menu plan:

Monday - Mac'n'cheese
Tuesday - pbj with pears (packed lunch)
Wednesday - quesadilla
Thursday - bagels (packed lunch)
Friday - pizza pockets
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - grilled cheese

Monday - pulled beef with pasta salad
Tuesday - soft tacos
Wednesday - sausage veggie soup (seriously old celery in fridge)
Thursday - Velveeta chicken skillet
Friday - Baked artichoke pasta
Saturday - Crockpot mac'n'cheese
Sunday - breakfast for dinner (unless we end up with company)

I still have majorly old food to use up. Despite my best intentions I don't seem use some items even though I plan to. Next week I'll try to photograph all that.


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