Thursday, September 22, 2011

Purging 26 Things a Day for a Year

I have been giving a new idea some thought and after discussing it with DH, we're going to move forward.

I mentioned it here before and I think it will be a good challenge for me to discipline myself into giving, purging, and being less attached to material things.

The goal is to purge 26 items each day for a full year (That's over 9,000 items in total), and keep a blog tracking my journey.

I have been trying it out for about two weeks and so far it isn't too hard. Mail doesn't count, nor do the many little projects and papers the girls bring home from their classes. I can only include 'trash' if it's something that has been lying around for months causing me grief and time wasted every time I trip over it, have to move it to find something else, or wonder why I can't just throw it away!

We plan to start the project on October 1, but I'm getting a few days done ahead so I can miss a day if I get sick or something.

Here's the dilemma: what do we call this project? It'd be fun to have something kind of catchy but my non-creative self can't dream up something and even the very creative DH is at a loss.

Here are some of our more lame ideas so far:
26 Things
Tossing 26
Purging 26
26 a day
26 goodbyes
Parting with 26
Removing 26

See? All kind of lame. Please give us some ideas!


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  1. 9,000... that sounds crazy! I look forward to hearing about it, because it is probably not crazy and is probably something that I should do :). I would just call is "26", or "Project 26", but my creative juices are not flowing yet this morning :).

    Love, Jamie


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